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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

hey! I'm a homeschool graduate who lives on the east coast with my 7 siblings and my parents (see us here: ). We sing together (gospel, bluegrass) and have several bands/ensembles (bluegrass, brass, etc). We sing mostly at churches and nursinghomes and are looking for a bus to travel in. Check the family website (above) for more details.     

      I am terribly sorry for not updating this for so long. Much of my attention is directed towards My website here is more for permanent info. goes with the permanent info.

I'm a Christian. Christ is the most important thing in my life, if it were not for Him I wouldn't have a life. I can't imagine living without the hope I find in Jesus Christ.

I'm a musician. The instruments I play vary from time to time, but my main three are piano, trumpet, and guitar/bass. I play/sing with my family. We travel in an 83' MC9 motorcoach. We are currently travelling cross-country 3-4 months per year



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Favorite Quotes
Not quite my favorite, but all I can think of off the top of my head.

Don't marry a person you can live with, marry the person you can't live without.
~Shawn Yang~

this is my favorite kind of car...

..and this is what I'll probably end up with!